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Client Testimonials

The team at 7107 Digital is amazing to work with. The design they gave us was leaps better than our old website. Their keen sense of detail has given us an easy-to-use platform for both front and backend users. Kudos as well for providing comprehensive support services when it comes to more technical aspects of website management!

From graphic and website design to aftersales support, you won’t find a better team than 7107 Digital.

We at CMM definitely recommend the team and their services.

A testimonial for 7107 Digital?  Where do I start?

The guys are simply awesome.  Knowledgeable, patient, insightful, efficient, skilled, communicative.

There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to do justice to their work. I would have not one moment’s hesitation in recommending Neil and Jan to anyone who needs digital work done.  Not one single moment.

Ever since I first started working with 7107 Digital I’ve been impressed by their designs, commitment, friendliness and overall excellent service. Their combination of high professionalism and personal interest make their work outstanding. They have met all the requirements I’ve had, and even some I didn’t know I had until they pointed out how to make our website even better.

No detail is too small, no matter how insignificant it might seem, for them to take the time and effort to make it perfect. Their commitment and dedication show how much they care about making every website meet their customers’ expectations.

During the process of building the site 7107 Digital came up with brilliant ideas that would fit our line of business and target our consumer base. Their expertise is clearly shown in the way they figured out my taste and preferences which made the final result excellent.

Whatever question I might have had they’ve answered it very promptly and courteously. It is obvious that they take customer service and satisfaction very seriously.
I couldn’t be more content with the work 7107 Digital have done, they have really exceeded my expectations and I can highly recommend them.

I would like to thank 7107 Digital for their incredible support and work on our new webpage. The team immediately understood our vision and mission and reflected them in the new design. I’m especially happy with the great customer service and fast responding time which made me feel working with a local team rather then somebody in a different time zone.

Thank you for the dedication and super professionalism! And last but not least for taking the extra mile in all problem-solving matters.

I would recommend 7107 Digital without hesitation.

Thank you for the commitment in volunteering and sponsoring your time and work for Happy Hearts Fund Indonesia!

After just one year of working with 7107 Digital on website and e-marketing projects for my company, I can say that without hesitation, the greatest advantage is in their speed of delivery and communication.

In addition, their patience in explaining technical details and options has made them a good partner for us as an interior design studio operating in one of China’s fast-pace industries.

I would and will recommend them to companies looking for the same advantages.

Ever since we started working with 7107 Digital they have taken great care of us ever since. 7107 Digital not only designed our logo, entire website and newsletter with a clear and consistent message that suits our brand perfectly.

The aftersales service was impeccable with prompt reaction times and always went the extra mile to help us

We have always recommended 7107 Digital to all our friends and will continue to do so.

Our company has been using the services of 7107 since late 2009 to design, build, and maintain our website and blog through numerous revisions, in addition to e-mail marketing services.
Not only are their design capabilities top notch, but they also take great care in their work and provide advice on what works and what doesn’t work, allowing you to avoid common pitfalls. Their most distinguishing quality, however, is their incredible response time. In the years working with them I have never felt that they were absent.

The team’s experience working with offshore clients allowed for a seamless process whereby our ideas were easily understood and implemented. We felt as if we were working with a local team down the street.

I have introduced 7107 Digital to multiple companies with a wide range of services – all of whom have thanked me for the connection and have been very pleased with their services.
I highly recommend the 7107 Digital team.

7107 Digital have provided good design and support for our website for the past several years. They excel at taking a brief and interpreting and realising it. Of special value is their hand holding and technical problem solving on the various issues that arise.
I would recommend them to any business.

As a small office without a great deal of technical knowledge or support available internally, this is an especially important aspect of their friendly and confident support.

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